Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Routine and the Poutine

It’s been another week of the great and marvellous work up here in Canada!
Weather in Willoughby at this time of the year is very wet. In winter, the temperature drops a bit, but the biggest difference in the changing of seasons has been the rain. They say it never really snows here, but the rain is constant; so far, we’ve kept warm and dry, but as winter approaches, we’ll have to just wait and see what happens.
The week has definitely been faith strengthening; we may not have had much success in this area, but I’ve been learning a lot about myself and the gospel, and this week we’ve set some really high goals, and we’ll be working hard to acheive all of them.
 On Saturday, I had my first poutine. Being new to this country, I’m still not sure what the proper way is to address poutine. I don’t know if I call it “a poutine,” “some poutine,” or if the proper form really is just “poutine.” Either way, poutine is a Canadian dish that I was encouraged to try by the zone leaders. I’d heard a lot about it, so I was curious. It was good, but it’s really nothing special. Poutine is basically french fries covered with gravy and cheese. I ordered the poutine at an A&W, which are very common fast-food restaurants here. It was good, but it definitely weighed me down as we went tracting after lunch, so it’s not something I’m too willing to order again unless I can lie down for a while afterward.
We are really excited for General Conference this weekend, and we’ve had several less-active members promise us that they’d watch it, and even Wayne (the only person we’re teaching right now) is really excited to watch it.
Our calendar just keeps filling up with members that want to have us over for dinner. I’m glad our ward mission leader coordinates that; I’d hate to approach people at church and ask for dinner one night. We are making an effort to visit every member, just to see in what ways we can strengthen them. The members here are really solid, and are always willing to have us over.
Miracle of the week:
Last Thrusday we were walking down the street and met a man on the phone. It seemed like an intense conversation, so we just gave him a card and were about to leave. As we turned to walk away, the man asked us to wait until he was done. Elder Smtih and I stood there for about 10 minutes, not sure what to think about this, wondering if we were wasting our time waiting. When he got off the phone, he introduced himself as Dave, who owned a restaurant in Fort Langley. He asked us some very good questions and we basically taught the entire Restoration lesson right there and gave him a pamphlet. He had to leave abruptly though, so we got no contact information. Then, on Saturday, the night was growing late and we were trying to talk to people in Fort Langley. Just as we were about to head home, we met Dave in front of his restaurant. He was very busy, but he gave us his phone number and told us to come back later. He’s really nice and seemed interested with what we told him, so we’re hoping we can meet up with him again and talk more.
That’s about it up here. I better figure out this Celsius thing pretty quick, so I can start reading the thermostat.
-Elder Reynolds

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