Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Monday, September 21, 2015

Gone a'Fishin

I decided to go for some Southern soul with this week's poem. I wrote a specific rhythm and melody as well, but that doesn't really convey over email:

Saint Peter was out on the sea
It was a lovely day on Galilee
But when he heard his Lord say "Follow Me,"
He cried, "Ma, we're gone a'fishin!"

My Lord said "Preach the gospel that you've heard,
"I've cared for every lily, fed every bird,
"Go feed each creature My holy word."
Ma, we're gone a'fishin!

I read His word in the Holy Book,
I'm heading on down now to the brook,
I got my bait, I got my hook,
Ma, we're gone a'fishin!

This ain't a dream or vain ambition,
It's the job of every Christian,
Ma, we're gone a'fishin!

I apologize that I was unable to write last week. It was transfer week, and we had to arrange travel plans for the missionaries in the zone, so our P-Day last week was a little hectic. Since we are also some of the closest Elders to the airport, ferries, and mission office, we were also given the task of driving missionaries around during the transfer week. We also had to drive a missionary to the hospital because of a stomach infection. (Fortunately, that has been resolved). We also had 2 of the missionary cars in the shop, which means even more driving as we facilitated the car transportation. Needless to say, we have been in the car a lot.

Within the past 2 weeks, 5 of the cars in our mission were totalled, and the mission doesn't have any spares. In order to prevent further accident, President Burt has said that phones are not to be used in the car while it is in motion, not even by the missionary in the passenger seat. It has been difficult making this adjustment due to the copious amount of time we spent in the car. However, it has made us even more effective with our phone usage; it is not something we take for granted, and we are making more calls outside of the car than we ever did while driving, so it has been a blessing in disguise.

Through various arising circumstances, our teaching pool has diminished greatly. This past week, we only taught one lesson. It has been a bit of a trying period, but we've been able to learn so much, and despite the heightened opposition we have faced, our faith is greater than ever. Any time we were out of the car, we truly were "a'fishing," and though the work seems to have slowed down a bit in Delta, I can stand with a clear conscience knowing that we are laboring with all our might. Though we have many imperfections, we strive for improvement.

At many times in our life, we face opposition on all sides. Sometimes, we're trapped between blood-thirsty Egyptians and an unforgiving Sea, with no route of escape. Sometimes, we are called upon to stretch forth our hand, the Lord parts that Sea, and we can freely walk on dry ground. However, sometimes our route of escape is less miraculous. I believe that sometimes we are called upon to jump in and start swimming, relying on the infinite mercies of the Lord to provide us the strength we need to push past the opposition and endure to the shore.

Always be mindful, however, that "Just Hang in There" is not a principle of the gospel. The phrase "Endure to the End" can be better rendered as "Enjoy to the End!"

-Elder Reynolds

Mind and Heart

Some say they have a shoulder angel
Rivaled by a little devil.
Some say a boy who has no strings
Has a cricket that can sing.
And others yet claim they have ghosts
And all sort of hellish hosts.

Now here I am with none of these,
But I'm not worried in the least;
I have my own bickering guides
Whose endless fight remains inside.
One is that constant, rhythmic Heart, 
And then, the Brain, the counterpart.

The Tell-Tale Heart, the story goes,
That beats with its poetic prose,
Will often drive my mind insane
For feelings cannot be explained.
And when the Brain demands reason,
The Heart simply cannot appease him.

My Heart's description of emotion
Can stir up a great commotion
When my Brain has much to say,
My Heart always wants his own way.
So here I am stuck in between,
And this whole thing is just obscene.

My thoughts and feelings often fight
When I'm not sure what choice is right.
But now and then the Spirit guides
And Brain and Heart become one mind.
So how is it these enemies
At last decide they can agree?

"I'll tell you in your mind and heart;
The Holy Ghost will not depart.
And with this Spirit, you can be
As Moses parting the Red Sea."
So in conclusion, my dear friends,
Follow the Spirit whom God sends.

Surprise! I'm emailing you on a Tuesday! Monday this week was Labor Day, which means our P-Day was moved to Tuesday. Not only that, but we were able to attend the temple today! It's been such an amazing day, and we have some great appointments later in the day that we're looking forward to.

Also, here's a fun little update: Deana and Emma Slack were baptized back in Salmon Arm last week! I've not written much about them, but they are a wonderful mother-daughter family that we were so blessed to teach.

Our teaching has recently dropped substantially, so we've been spending a lot more time out and about in the community. We've seen some really cool miracles as we've been talking to people. Just last night, we had an amazing, hour-long conversation with a young man named Kyle at the bus stop. He's the first white guy I've met on my mission that had never heard the word "Mormon" before. We're going to see him again this weekend.

Kushal has been doing very well! Those his understanding of Christianity is still limited, he's recently been talking a lot about how his friends need to "put the alcohol away and get Jesus." He's also now one of the happiest people I know, and he always has Christian music playing in his house, and he reads the Book of Mormon every day.

It is worth noting that next Sunday, we will be receiving our transfer calls. Personally, I doubt that Elder Kelly or I will be transferred, but I'll keep you on the update of anything that happens.

It's starting to get cold and rainy, and it's likely going to stay that way for the next 6 months. Welcome to BC winters.

Until Monday,
Elder Reynolds