Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Planting Seeds and Olive Trees

Welcome to October, everyone! October has always been my favorite month; the trees have changed colour, the weather is perfectly cool. It’s the best time to go out into the woods with some friends or family and have a campout, using the fallen leaves to kindle a campfire, taking in the scent of burning wood mixed with the chilled air. Everyone begins to prepare for Halloween, the stores filled with various costuming options, assorted horror cosmetics, and enough candy to satisfy any sweet tooth. I can’t wait to go camping and make costumes and… Wait a second. October is going to be very different this year.
As for this last week, the work continues! We were blessed with the opportunity to watch every session of General Conference this weekend. If you did not have the chance to watch it, I strongly recommend it. The talks were amazing, and the music was captivating. It was not televised in Canada, so could only be watched online or at the chapel, and it was nice to see so many people taking time to attend Conference at the chapel.
We do not, at the moment, have any new people we meet with, but Elder Smith and I feel very confident about this week. Something feels different about it. We’re going to spend lots of time in the Willoughby field this week, ploughing the tough ground, planting seeds, and harvesting the wheat that has already grown. It’s going to be hard, we’ll return home exhausted, and at times we may even return empty-handed. But on the bright-side, the temperature is dropping, so at least we won’t sweat too much.
You may have noticed my odd spelling of “colour.” I am trying to blend inn as a Canadian. They will soon accept me as one of their own.
Recently, I’ve been taking far too much enjoyment out of making scripture-related puns. It’s a difficult but entertaining game. I shall leave you all with the best pun I’ve thought of today. May it bring a smile and raise your spirits despite what leaves may fall in your path:
What was the olive tree’s favourite class in school?
Arts and Grafts!
-Elder Reynolds

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