Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Someone New, Someplace Old, Sometimes Awesome, Always Cold

Happy December everyone! Winter here in Willoughy started a little early; last Friday night we saw our first snow fall, and though the ice on the roads has melted, the fields are definitely white (but not because they’re ready to harvest). I’ve been told that the temperature in this area rarely drops below -8 Celsius, so at least it can’t get any worse as we progress toward the winter solstice.
I’ve been buying clothing to keep warm for the winter, including a couple of sweaters, gloves, and a jacket. I even bought a black flat cap; it was the first time I could find one in black that wasn’t too small. It even has little flaps over the ears to keep the ears warm. Now, I can’t wear it while we’re out and about proselyting, but let me just say that I definitely have warm ears in the apartment.
I yet remain in Willoughby, but Elder Smith has been transferred to a city in the east named Penticton. My new companion is Elder Winkler. Elder Winkler was on the same plane as Elder Smith, so he’s been out for the same amount of time. He has a lot of energy and a lot of heart; he genuinely loves knocking on doors, which originally struck me as odd, but it’s a ton of fun being able to work with him.
Ray, the man I mentioned last week, has a baptismal date set for December 20th. He’s really excited, and he is determined to overcome his smoking addiction in preparation. He was at the ward Christmas party on Saturday night and came to church on Sunday. He’ll also be able to attend stake conference on December 14 with Elder David A. Bednar, which is a huge blessing.
I’ll send pictures eventually!
(Photo was taken at the Willoughby Ward Christmas Dinner.. with Shane’s new companion Elder Winkler)
Elder Reynolds

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