Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Up here in Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October, which is really weird. I’m not complaining though; I’ve had 3 Thanksgiving dinners in the last 24 hours, so I’d say I’m pretty thankful to be here in Willoughby.
That said, transfer calls are today. That’s when people from the mission office call the missionaries that will be transferring to new areas. I don’t think I’ll be transferring, given that I’ve only been here 6 weeks, and I’m fairly sure Elder Smith will be staying too. I’ll let you all know where I am next week!
Today has just been a very crazy P-Day. I only have about 40 minutes to email, as opposed to the typical 2 hours, and we haven’t even been grocery shopping yet. It’s going to be an interesting week. It’s a good thing I watch my dad cook eggs so many times; I’ve gotten rather good, and can now flip eggs simply by tossing them in the air. I will soon be a master chef!
We’ve seen lots of miracles this week. The mission president has placed a huge evidence on member finding, which is to say, strengthening the members and asking if they know anybody that could use the message. We’ve only done about 2 days of member finding, but we’ve already set up about 5 appointments this week, and it’s only Monday. Tracting will now only a back-up plan.
We’re also starting a new program called “Park the Car,” and every Saturday we drive to an area, park the car, and walk to every appointment until we head home. It’s going to take some expert planning, but it was a real success last Saturday.
Hope everything is going well! Enjoy the week!
-Elder Reynolds

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