Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


My sweet missionary son!! 


Margaret Falls

Elder L. Tom Perry‏

As some of you may be aware, Elder Lowell Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles passed away on May 30, 2015 of Thyroid Cancer. He lived to the age of 92, and though his death came as no surprise, the news of his passing hit me much harder than I thought it would. It is important for each of us to reflect upon his final words to us regarding the importance of family:

What a wonderful blessing it is that the Lord, in His infinite mercy and wisdom, has given us living prophets and Apostles to give us counsel in these troubled times. Anybody that watches the news can see that the need for such inspired men is greater than it ever was before, and I am grateful to be in this service where I can bring that light to others. 

As we see at the end of Acts 1, another must be called to fill the place of the Apostle, and I know that whoever is chosen will be chosen by inspiration from God. Keep the Perry family in your prayers, but more importantly, pray that we may never forget the example he set for each of us. May we all commit to follow Christ at all times, in all things, and in all places.

-Elder Reynolds

May We Remember May‏

May we remember the month of May,
May the Spring fight the Winter's decay,
"May the 4th," you could say,
Or "Happy Mother's Day,"
May we all see that bright sunny ray
That says to us all, "All is well today."
And May I say without further delay,
"Merry Mayday to all, and to all a good June."

This is the last time I email you this May, so I thought I would treat you with some poetry. As you can see, the coming of June really throws everything off!

I hate to admit it, but it took me far too long to come up with that, so my time today is rather short. This week, I gave my first baptismal interview to a truly amazing young man named Max, and he is to be baptized in the coming weeks. Danny is also progressing extremely well; he's not had a beer in 11 days and he's been praying for the strength to forgive the grudges he has against his brother. It's been wonderful to the the transformation within him as he works to live the Gospel.

We've been seeing a good amount of rain recently, which really helps lower the wildfire danger. 

I was able to email pictures this week! Enjoy the pictures of Margaret Falls!

I really hope you enjoy the poem, because the rest of this email has had to be really rushed. I'll write more next week! Enjoy the remainder of May!

-Elder Reynolds