Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is a holiday in Canada comparable to Memorial Day, and people take the day off of work to remember the troops. It always falls on November 11th, as opposed to always being on a Monday. Leading up to the 11th, the citizens wear small pins with red flowers, known as poppies, over their heart. I received a poppy from Elder Sloan last week, and have worn it ever since.
Speaking of Remembering, I was able to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in my own little way; I made a small figure out of paper, drew a face on it, named him Guy, then struck some matches. I have some pictures that I’ll try to send later. Sadly, it was not the first time I set off the fire alarm in the apartment…
It’s beginning to get chilly up here, though we’ve been told that there is no expected rain this week, which is welcome news.
As far as the work goes, a few days ago we had exchanges, and it was the first time I stayed in Willoughby for the exchange. Elder Heiner, my companion for the day, was unfamiliar with the area and people, so I was forced to take on more of a leadership role. It was a little daunting, because I would normally have Elder Smith with me, and he’s always on the ball. It presented a new challenge, but was enjoyable, and because I had to take more initiative than normal, I felt more enjoyment from the work. It’s a lesson I won’t soon forget.
Last Wednesday, we found a Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD in the car left by a previous Elder, so we’ve really been enjoying that.
The end of November is looking very busy; November 23rd is a Stake fireside with the mission president, and Elder Smith and I are hoping to attend. November 24th is transfer calls (we’ll see what happens there), November 29th is a ward party, and December 6th is Stake Conference, so there’s a lot to look forward to!
If you have any recipe ideas, please let me know. I’m becoming proficient with eggs, toast, and sandwiches, but I’d like to know how to quickly make other varieties of food, preferably with fruits or vegetables. Remember, we’re kept busy, so we only have about an hour to prepare and eat meals.

-Elder Reynolds

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