Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween week everyone! I hope you all have made some awesome plans this year; it’ll be a few years before Halloween falls on a Friday again.
The weather of Willoughby has only increased in rain. There was a big storm Tuesday night; when we left the apartment Wednesday morning, it almost looked like a tornado had hit. Many branches had fallen, and it seemed as though every leaf had fallen to the ground. On our “Park-the-car” Saturday, the rain was pouring all day. I’ve had to discard too many pass-along cards, and it’s taken a while for my scriptures to dry.
This week, I was able to go on exchanges with our zone leaders. I went to the Langley YSA area with Elder Atwood while Elder Atwood’s companion, Elder Nielsen, came to Willoughby with Elder Smith for a day. Elder Atwood has been out for over 19 months now, and he is very familiar with the scriptures. He also loves Star Wars as much as I do, and we were able to have a good chat about some of the Star Wars trivia that other people really don’t care too much about. He asked me “How many times does Luke Skywalker say ‘May the Force be with you?’” When I answered correctly (I won’t tell you the answer), I had earned his respect.
President Burt emails a newsletter every Monday; it’s in a .pdf file, so we often go to the clerk’s office in the church to print it out. When we went to print out last week’s email on Tuesday, we ran into none other than President and Sister Burt! They were meeting with some leaders in the Brookswood ward, and the meeting had ended just as we walked in. We found it funny that we bumped into him in an effort to print an email he himself had written; we had a really good conversation with both of them about missionary work in the ward.
We’ve also begun leaving “thank you” cards at the church member’s homes every time they have us over for dinner, as suggested by Elder Nielsen.
I hope everything is going well for you all; if you’re having a rough day, I leave you with Elder Smith’s favourite joke. It’s better heard than read, but hopefully the humour can come across in the text. You just have to read it in a very thoughtful tone.
“I couldn’t help but wonder why the frisbee was getting bigger… And then it hit me.”

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