Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I can't wait for Sunday nightIt makes me want to sing!
At 9 o'clock,
The planners come out,
The telephone rings,
What is it about?
It's time to account!

That was just a little children's song I threw together. Each Sunday night, we call our mission leaders to report our results for the week. It's an activity that I've been doing for some time now, so it was about time to pay a tribute to our Sunday nights.

What a week it has been! With Victoria Day this past weekend, there have been a lot of vacationers out in the local lakes. We've felt to dedicate some of our efforts more toward the outlying areas of Prince George. We've met a lot of people out in the middle of nowhere, many people that have never met missionaries. The people out there work on what we call "Caribou Time." That is, they don't have anything to do, so some people are willing to just sit down with you for hours. We can't spend hours per person, so we've been working to balance talking with as many people as possible and spending quality time with each person we meet.

On one of these old roads in an area we call "The Sticks," we meet a pretty friendly grizzly bear. Fortunately we were protected by our furry security guards; in the Sticks, everybody owns a dog, and nobody keeps them on a leash. So as we tracted, we would befriend these guard dogs so that we could meet the people there. Well, some dogs liked us too much, and by the end of it we had a posse of 5 large dogs following us. There was no fear of bears that day!

A picture of some of the dogs:

-Elder Reynolds

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