Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


What are the odds
Out of trillions of stars
So very far,
We found the Sun?

What are the odds
That millions of codes
Lined up and showed
The poems that I've begun?

What are the odds
That among the whole Earth
The place of your birth
Was planned by someone?

What are the odds
And what are the chances
Of all circumstances
These things have been done?

What if I said
That there was a plan
For each woman and man
With a prize to be won?

What if part of that plan
Was to find rest
From Hell's evil test
Through the Holy Son?

What are the odds
Out of trillions of souls
With individual roles,
That He will forsake none?

No matter the odds,
The scriptures ring clear
To each ear that will hear:
God loves us, every one.

Welcome into the month of May! There's the poem, just as promised from last week!

This past week we made the drive out to Burns Lake for exchanges (about 3 hour drive), then had our very first Skype District Meeting. We will likely be doing more of those from now on, which is exciting! On the way back from Burns Lake, we had to stop in Vanderhoof to clear out an apartment that will no longer be used by missionaries. When we made it back to Prince George, we took my first trip to the dump; there's a special feeling with carelessly chucking large furniture into a large metal bin.

To relate a brief spiritual experience this week, we received a phone call from a less-active member who told us that his brother was in the hospice and about to pass away. Apparently it seemed that the brother had been fighting his passing for about a week, though the family and doctors were certain that he should have already died. We were asked to go and pray with the brother and his family.

We received another phone call that evening, and we were told that the brother had passed away just a few hours after our visit and prayer. It was wonderful to help this man at least feel comforted in his progression through the Plan of Salvation.

Until next week!


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