Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mary Had a Little Lamb‏

Mary had a little lamb

Who came down from above.

He came with healing in his wings,

His bosom filled with love.

God gave us a little lamb

His love for us to show.

The Lamb of God slain for the world

Will make us white as snow.

We are each a little lamb

Who's strayed off from the path.

Christ left the ninety and the nine

To give us all He hath.

At our recent zone meeting, we talked about the connections between the Old Testament burnt offerings and weekly planning as outlined in Preach my Gospel. Hence, the lamb-inspired writing.

It's been great week! I often feel spoiled to be serving the the Surrey zone; we have some amazing Elders and Sisters, and we're close enough to the mission office to make emergency trips if necessary. Elder Asi and I pray for the missionaries daily, but we aren't worried about a single one. Each zone meeting is nature changing, and the best ones that I've had on my mission. By the end of this week, our zone will have had 4 baptisms in the month of November!

Sometimes, things can often feel overwhelming because there's so many things that we want to do. We want to be out meeting new people, we really want to help the young men in the ward, we want to plan for successful exchanges, we want to prepare for Zone Conference this week, we want to study, we want to work with the members more, we want to keep in more contact with the Elders and Sisters in the zone, to name a few things. It makes we wonder how stressed President Burt is all the time. I've also thought a lot about how Jesus was able to fulfill all that His Father asked, because He certainly had no easy task.

But this has also proven to be one of the most rewarding times on my mission so far. There's a wonderful Spirit that comes when you get on your knees with an investigator as he asks in prayer, "Am I really your son?" It's been great to see how much these missionaries have changed as well, and closing a Spirit-filled zone meeting is more fulfilling than a final curtain call.

The Church is true.

-Elder Reynolds

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