Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Monday, November 23, 2015


This week's poem isn't an original, and is a classic Tongan hymn:

Folofola mai 'a Sisu, Ke mou fou 'iate Au,

Ko ia te ne kumi hala Loi mo e kaka.

Fou 'a i, 'I he folofola,

'A mamahi hono kotoa 'I he folofola.

I can't actually watch the video because we don't have access to Youtube; I just copied the link that a good friend sent me. Elder Asi and I will be singing that song in sacrament meeting this Sunday with a Tongan family in the ward. Perks of having a Tongan companion!

Honestly, I spent a little too much time looking for this song, so time is really short. We had MLC this week, which was amazing! This mission is about to get fired up! We have some amazing missionaries in this zone.

I also found out that yet ANOTHER person I taught in Salmon Arm just got baptized! That makes three since I left. Elder Farris, my "grandson," has been been tearing it up in Salmon Arm, and it's great to see how these people have progressed. Now we just have to ignite the city of Surrey.

Love you all!

-Elder Reynolds

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