Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Monday, August 17, 2015

Delta Squadron

Poem of the Week:

Oh God, hear my plight,
My spirit's contrite,
There's no truth in sight,
Oh which church is right?
I'm surrounded by night,
Satan puts up a fight,
So I pray with more might,
And when my pain reached its height,
I saw a pillar of light.

Hey everyone! I write you today from one of the many Surrey libraries. This past week serving in Delta has been extremely busy, but a lot of fun. We have one of the closest areas to the Vancouver International Airport, the mission office, and the ferry port, so our week was filled with a lot of driving as we worked to make sure the missionaries were where they needed to be for transfers. We also took some time to get to know each of the companionships in the zone. I soon discovered that there are 8 missionaries in the Delta ward:

Delta 1st: Elder Maloy (District Leader) and Elder Nelson
Delta 2nd: Elder Reynolds and Elder Kelly (Zone Leaders)
Delta Sisters: Sister Holbrook and Sister Gregory
Senior Couple: Elder and Sister Hunter (an awesome senior couple from Cedar City, Utah.)

I guess you could say that makes us the Delta Squadron.

Also in our zone are the Surrey 1st West Elders, Surrey 1st East Elders, Surrey 3rd Elders, Surrey North Sisters, and the Assistants to the President (despite all the work they have to do in the mission office, President Burt still expects them to work hard in their area as well.)

Also, blast from the past! Elder Sloan is serving in the Surrey 3rd area, so I get to spend a lot of time with him again. And this is his last transfer! Fortunately, he lives in Surrey, so when he's released as a missionary, he'll still be around.

This is definitely the most diverse area I've served in yet. Since I've been here, we've heard prayers spoken in Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, and Tagalog. The diversity is quite interesting, and I think that the Caucasian and Indian ethnicities are very closely matched in terms of population. There are several Sikh temples around as well, and another being built very close to our house. We've been teaching a diverse group of people as well; one of the most notable is an awesome man named Kushal who plans on being baptized at the end of the month.

Talk with you next week! Enjoy this picture of Elder Sloan!

-Elder Reynolds


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