Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Thursday, August 6, 2015

1 Kings 18

1 Kings 18
If the Lord be God, follow him.
But if Baal, the follow him.
Or if ye choose thy god to be
Only that which thou canst see,
Or follow all that is worldy,
These idols will bring misery.
If thou wilt trust man's will and whim,
Let man be God, and follow him.
The God that answereth by flame,
Let Him be God; praise ye His name.
Ye cry aloud, wail and complain,
But canst thou see thy cry is vain?
Can that which hath no power save?
Doth Babylon free from the grave?
O man, why dost thou misbehave,
And not accept the blood He gave?
O priests of Baal, ye slice thy veins
As Satan wraps thee in his chains.
The God that answereth by flame,
Let Him be God; praise ye His name.
My God doth not flee, nor doth He sleep.
Thy god speakest not, no, not a peep.
My God heareth all,
The great and the small,
To thy god ye call
And so thou shalt fall.
For just as ye sow, so shall ye reap,
And soon comes they day when ye shall weep.
The God that answereth by flame
Let Him be God; praise ye His name.
"O Lord my God, be it this day
Known to them that dwell in clay:
That these idols hath no part
In the kingdom where thou art."
The Spirit burned within our hearts
A fire that would not depart.
All they that felt began to pray
And then they heard the Spirit say:
"The God that answereth by flame,
It is the Lord; praise ye His name!"
That is based on the confrontation that Elijah had with the priests of Baal in 1 Kings 18; it's always been one of my favorite Old Testament stories, so it served as a wonderful muse for this poem.
So of you may be aware that yesterday, August 3rd, was BC Day, so our P-Day was moved to Tuesday. As such, it has been one of the most hectic P-Days I've ever had. We often have a bunch of regular appointments every Tuesday, so we last week we were trying to shift things around a bit so we could have our full P-Day. This week is also transfer week, so if we were transferred, we'd likely have to leave Wednesday morning. Thus, we made are plans accordingly.
So we then found out that I was getting transferred to Delta, which is an area just south of Vancouver and Richmond, right on the US border. We then received a phone call this morning that I needed to leave Salmon Arm today at 4pm. This news completely destroyed our plans today, because I needed to be fully packed by 4pm, and we were losing 2 hours of P-Day, and we have an appointment later this afternoon. So it has been an extremely crazy day as I've been trying to get everything organized.
Next week, I'll send some pictures of my new area and companion! I have to get going, for reasons previously stated. Love you all!

-Elder Reynolds
(photo of Elders at the golf driving range)

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