Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Young Geologist

There once was a young geologist who decided to become better acquainted with the creative arts. He took a stroll into a prominent art museum, where he discovered paintings and sculptures and in wide variety of styles, each portraying its own message to the observer. The geologist was pleasantly impressed with the artwork, but only upon entering the central foyer was he truly astonished. The centerpiece of the foyer was a large marble statue, masterfully carved into the shape of a fearsome warrior; being a man who based his trade in the study of earth, he was taken aback! He marveled at the statue's luster, its durability, its power. Surely, he thought, such a creation could not be possible with natural stone alone. The geologist was so bewildered, he determined to use his expertise to unlock the secret of the marble statue.

The geologist quickly acquired a slab of marble and shipped it to his laboratory, where he began to run the marble through a series of tests. With the most complicated instruments he knew, the geologist tested the marble for its density, brittleness, and chemical compounds. He contemplated acidic formulas to erode the marble into different shapes, subjected the marble to intense pressure and open conflagration, and even experimented with expertly angled radiation waves. Despite the geologist's advanced and scholarly efforts, he could not change the molecular composition of the marble to fit the form of the warrior that had so dazzled him before.

The young geologist hung his head low as he entered again into the museum. He stared into the fierce white eyes of the marble warrior, as if to open the windows of the marble's soul. Unsuccessful, discouraged, the man turned with a heavy sigh toward the blaring exit sign. He was stopped when a worn and weary hand landed upon his shoulder, and the geologist turned to look into the face of a tired marble craftsman. The young doctor surrendered dignity and buried his teary face in his hands. The sculptor led him to a nearby bench and patiently waited to speak.

When the geologist had silenced himself, the sculptor cleared his throat. "The beauty of marble," he began, "is not what man creates. To try and change the marble will only deface its strength. The role of a craftsman, then, is to see what nobody else can, and to reveal his vision to the world through with each patient, gentle chisel. The warrior before you was not created; he was found."

Throughout my mission, I've felt it my goal to return home as a completely different person; but this week I've come to learn that I should not try to change who I am at my core. Instead, it should be each of our goal to chisel away at anything that holds us back from being like the Savior. Eventually, we will come to find the divine potential contained within us, potential which only our Father in Heaven can see.

I know it's not a poem, but it's still original, so it counts. :)

-Elder Reynolds

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