Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Spirit of Elijah

"I have to live with myself and so,
I want to be fit for myself to know
I want to be able as days go by
Always to look myself straight in the eye.
I don't want to stand with the setting sun,
And hate myself for the things I've done.

I don't want to keep on a closet shelf
A lot of secrets about myself,
And fool myself as I come and go
Into thinking that nobody else will know
The kind of person I really am.
I don't want to dress up myself in sham.

I want to go out with my head erect.
I want to deserve all men's respect.
But here in my struggle for fame and pelf,
I want to be able to like myself.
I don't want to look at myself and know
That I'm bluster and bluff and empty show.

I can never hide myself from me
I see what others may never see.
I know what others may never know
I never can fool myself, and so
Whatever happens I want to be
Self-respecting and conscious-free."

-Edgar A. Guest

Perhaps not an original poem this week, but it is one of Elder Whitley's favourites.

The Spirit of Elijah has seems to have descended in Prince George! Elder Whitley and I have felt that we should try to integrate family history more into our finding opportunities and in our teaching appointments with members, and we've been seeing a lot of success! Shortly after our shift in finding, we received a lesson in church about family history and how to search for records. Then Bishop announced that ward council this week will be focused on how to more effectively use the family history centre. Today, we just watched the new Easter video that the church will release next week, and the end of it has a bit of a family history shout-out.

Clearly, we need to keep the momentum going here.

This week, we have zone conference, as well as two exchanges with different companionships. I'm anticipating each of these events to be highly nature-changing. Don't be surprised if I have to change my name next week!

Do some family history this week! There's no reason not to! Familysearch.org. It's all free.


-Elder Reynolds

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