Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rally in the trenches

Rally in the trenches!

Rally in the trenches, brethren, gather in thy might!
Our enemy is pressing forward to destroy the light.
We shan't be moved, we cannot fail, our line defends the right,
And though the foe may fearsome seem, he shall be turned to flight
Rally in the trenches, brethren, gather in thy might!
Our Captain is the Lord of Hosts, and victory's in sight!

Summon all your courage, brethren, join in unity.
The message that we carry is of peace and liberty.
Do not despair, hold fast to thy righteous tenacity.
Do not give darkness tolerance; to sin, give no pity.
Summon all your courage brethren, join in unity.
Our hearts and minds will meld as one, just as Enoch's city.

That was one I came up with last night; it is not nearly finished, but I wanted to at least send you something! As the weeks go by, it is becoming more and more difficult to find time to write, but I believe that's a very good thing.

The reason I write you on Tuesday is because President Burt was holding interviews for our zone yesterday. It's always a pleasure to get to talk with that man. Let me just take a second and tell you how inspired he is: President Burt sends out a weekly newsletter to the mission, and he wanted us to have some copies ready for the missionaries when they came for their interviews. However, we had no access to any computer in the church. We sat down near his office, not sure how we could get copies, and just as we sat down, he peeks his head out of his office and says, "It occurred to me that you don't have any way to print the newsletter. Take my keys to open the family history centre and print it off there."

I doubt that was coincidental. AND THEN later that day, we were meeting near his office with the Sister Training Leaders to discuss a new mission Standard which will soon be implemented; we realized that we had a few questions that we were uncertain of; just as we began pondering our questions, President Burt (who was in the middle of an interview with a missionary) opens his door, peeks around the corner and says "I want to talk with you all about the new Standard. Do you have any questions about it?" Our inquires and concerns were then discussed and resolved.

The icing on the cake for an amazing week: the Sloans! You may recall one of my trainers, Elder Sloan. He was released from his mission a couple months ago and is now back with his family in the Surrey 1st Ward (where Elder Asi and I now serve)! They had us over for dinner the other night, and I couldn't pass up a picture with the whole family.

Until Monday! Happy November!
Elder Reynolds

We felt strongly prompted to knock on a certain door as we passed by, and the man that answered had a bird on his hand and a bird on his shoulder. He wasn't interested in learning, but he let us pet and hold his birds.   Also, a picture with Kushal.

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