Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spirit and Manner

What if there's more than we perceive?
What if our minds cannot receive
An elementary wisdom
Of elemental things to come?
What if within Spirit beings
Are spirit atoms, quarks, and strings?
Can spirit atoms then take on
A different form with each proton?
What if, beyond our mortal sphere,
Beyond that which we see and hear,
The elements of truth and light
Are tangible and God's delight?
Perhaps across the veil, we'll learn
Of finer things eyes can't discern.

This poem summarizes the things which have been pressing upon my mind as I've studied the scriptures this past week. While these things have peaked my curiosity and pricked my reasoning, I also recognize that an understanding of such things (if at all possible) would yield no benefit to missionary work, so I don't want to lose any hairs over the matter.

It's crazy to think that I have now been through two Canadian Thanksgivings! Time becomes an unfathomable concept while on a mission, and it is impossible to tell whether the months pass rapidly or slowly. Canadian Thanksgiving seems to be more of a weekend event; the official holiday is on Monday, but most people have their big family gatherings on Saturday and Sunday. Monday then becomes a leisurely day-off from work. As missionaries, we like to work even harder on holidays, which is why P-Day is on Tuesday.

Elder Kelly and I have been using the chapel's gym for our morning exercise. When we arrived at the gym this morning, the seminary students in our ward informed us that they didn't have a teacher. So we taught the seminary class in our gym clothes, which provided a wonderful mental workout to prepare us for the day.

The work itself has been a bit slower. It can be difficult when so many people are from Punjab and don't speak English. However, we've been able to meet some amazing people, and we are changing up the way that we work with the ward and how we meet people on the street. Transfer calls will also be coming up this week, so it will be quite interesting to see what is in store for us now.

In the event that I get transferred, I've created a Delta Bucket-List:
1) Learn to tie a turban
2) Go to the Gurdwara (Sikh temple)
3) Eat at Krispy Kreme (the only one in BC and one of two in all Canada)

Today, Elder Kelly and I bought turbans, and we'll be visiting with a member this evening that says he'll teach us. On Saturday, I accomplished goal number 3. So if we get transferred, we'll go the Gurdwara next P-Day. 

Love you all!

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