Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


How sweetly sings the violin,

How beautiful and free,

How deeply it can touch the heart,

Whoe'er the hearer be.

Its polished wood reflects the gleam

Of every bright-eyed tear,

Its strings are waxed and tuned to be

Exquisite to the ear.

And yet inside its hollow mind

The instrument is flawed,

Its deep maroon turns envious green

For 'tis the player they applaud.

"I create the lovely tune,"

It squeals in agony,

"Although my player holds my bow,

They should all bow to me!"

The strings then all fall out of tune

When tangled up with pride,

The music that could once fulfill

Can now only deride.

The violin always forgets

The One who tunes the strings,

Or who it is that shines the wood

And who plays everything.

All praise and glory be to He

That orchestrates the Plan,

And we are all but instruments

Within the Master's hand.

This week was crazy! Tuesday evening, we were accompanied by Brother Peterson, the head of the In-Field Representatives Department (it's a cool thing for mission presidents). He took us out to White Spot for dinner, and we took him out teaching with us (thankfully, the rest of the night was booked with appointments). As he asked us questions about missionary work and taught us about teaching, we learned so much. We really grew to love him, and it was hard having to say goodbye, which was very strange considering that he critiqued us very bluntly and tore out any pride that we may have had. Repentance can truly be a wonderful feeling.

On Friday, we had our Mission Leadership Council. Brother Peterson was there, as well as Brother Hemingway, the head of the Proselyting Department. He was the executive producer of the "District" videos and had a major part to play in the creation of the "Preach My Gospel" manual. He taught us so much, and the craziest part was that he taught us out of the scriptures and "Preach My Gospel." These are things that we read for almost 2 hours every morning, and yet there is so much that we have yet to comprehend.

Also, on Saturday, Elder Daniel L. Johnson of the Seventy visited our mission. We had a big meeting at the Langley YSA chapel, which is in none other than Willoughby! It was really nice seeing my first area after almost a year, and being able to greet so many of the members as well.

We've been working very closely this week with a man named Kushal Sra. Kushal is a prime example of the blessings of the gospel. When we'd first meet with Kushal, he was a very sad man. Seriously, very sad. As in, our early lessons with him consisted of him crying for 40 minutes. Well, Kushal is getting baptized this Saturday. Now, he holds his head high with a wide smile. Our lessons are becoming more and more enjoyable as his personality starts to shine. A few days ago, we sat for several minutes laughing because one of his light bulbs died. This is truly a gospel of happiness.

Pictures to come next week!

-Elder Reynolds

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