Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Monday, February 15, 2016


(The Desert, part 6)

One of the strangers pulls out his pack and discovers bread for us four.
Thus we break bread, and just as we do, another cloud starts to soar.
Despite the empty wilderness, we keep meeting more and our party is starting to grow,
And so it was that for each new stranger we feed, a new cloud would suddenly show.
Soon the sky is filled with clouds foreboding and grey
But not one soul amidst the multitude can call it a sorrowful day,
For each new cloud brings comfort to echo the joy of a stranger's "Hosanna,"
Each act of rescue is witnessed from heaven, from whence comes the manna.
(Part 7, the conclusion, next week)

This week has been crazy! Exchanges, zone meeting, exchanges, regional broadcasts, and there was a recent baptism in the ward!

So, by the time I got to typing this up, I only had several minutes. To compensate for my short writing, here's a picture!

Throughout Prince George, there are statures of bears, and each one is painted in a Native-American style. This particular one is called "When the Spider Journeyed with the Spirit Bear," though I think it is better rendered as "Spider-Bear." Elder Driscoll is there for scale.

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