Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Monday, September 28, 2015

Adam's Autumn

Adam fell that men might be
As Autumn falls the leafy tree.
Since Adam's Autumn, we can see
The natural man, the enemy,
Opposes all things heavenly.
And Satan, with his enmity,
Still seeks to reign with tyranny.
But by the Lord's divine decree,
The devil's hosts shall quake and flee.
Then every soul shall bow the knee
And see Christ come in His glory.
And when we're in Eternity,
Mankind's Autumn will find mercy
For from the Fall, we finally
Have endless joy and agency.

Autumn is, by far, my favorite of the seasons, and though we often find ourselves on different doorsteps, I do miss the yearly celebration of Halloween. I've already got some costumes planned in mind!

Last night, we were able to catch a small glimpse of the blood moon, but it was a very cloudy evening, so that was a bit of a disappointment.

Last week was great! We had a lot of meetings, including Mission Leadership Council, which was phenomenal, and we had the opportunity to train some of the missionaries about Weekly Planning. Despite the amount of time that we lost, we were miraculously able to find 5 new investigators, and we've talked with many amazing people that are interested in meeting with us. Our faith is higher than ever, and it has truly been a spiritual witness to us after last week's trial of our faith. This week has no shortage of meetings either, including zone meeting, but we are hoping to find and teach even more people.

A fun fact I learned this week: Apparently British Columbia has the highest population of Indians than anywhere else in the world, except, of course, for India. From what I've seen in Delta, I would agree.

Another fun fact: most of the men that translate General Conference into Hindi live in this ward! So if you watch General Conference in Fijian Hindi, you will likely here the voice of one of the Prasad's.

Also, Kushal was ordained to the office of a priest yesterday in church, and he is preparing to go to the temple on October 9th (Brady's birthday). 

Elder Reynolds

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