Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Colourful Companions

If you are familiar with the Hartman Color Code, this will be quite notable. If you are not, I would suggest that you try to get familiar with it because I love it.

I have just begun my 8th transfer in the mission field and have my 6th companion.
Elder Smith, my trainer, was Red with secondary White.
Elder Sloan, my lovable Down Syndrome companion, was Blue (I could never find out a secondary)
Elder Winkler was Red with secondary Yellow.
Elder Tillmann was White secondary Red
Elder Yue was Blue Secondary White
This week, I've discovered that my current companion and trainee, Elder Blasko, is Yellow. (It's too early to determine a secondary)

It would seem that I've had my way around the color wheel. I am White, secondary Blue. It's been interesting to apply what I've learned from Dr. Hartman to each of these relationships.

I am often quite amazed about how much one can learn about oneself when in the service of others. These past months, I've learned so much about myself. I've especially become more aware of many of my weaknesses, which hasn't been a particularly enjoyable experience. However, we are given weaknesses to be kept humble and to recognize our dependence on God.

Guilt also seems to take on a different meaning. Before the mission, guilt would take the form of "Wow, I really hurt that person," or "I shouldn't have lied about that." On the mission, we are given a much higher standard of living, and the deepest feelings of guilt and shame become "Dang it, we left the apartment 2 minutes late this morning," or "I know I should have talked to that person, but I let fear talk me out of it." I am just amazed that the "godly sorrow" spoken of in the scriptures can apply to the simple disobedience of "Oh no! We slept in until 6:45!"

The quest for perfection can be long and painful. It also seems increasingly impossible, but we are simply asked to do our best and press forward with faith.

Happy 7-11 this week! Go and get your free slurpees!

-Elder Reynolds

(Shane sent this picture, titled, "Ready for Cake" in reference to Aubrey's birthday cake)

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