Elder Reynolds Nametag

Elder Reynolds Nametag

Friday, August 22, 2014

First P-Day

Hello everyone! I am writing you from the laundry room of the MTC where emails can be typed while clothes tumble about in the machines. I have been here for only 2.5 days now and it has been a great learning experience already; the instructors and the Spirit are great teachers.
The schedule has been pretty crazy thus far; apparently the first three days here are very different from the rest. This is our first P-day, but it only lasts for about 2 hours because we have a service project later today. Given that this is the first email, I am not entirely sure where to go with the email.
My MTC companion is Elder Patrick, and he is going on a mission in Minnesota. He is very charismatic and was called yesterday to be our District Leader; because of his responsibilities there, I have been called as the Senior Companion. I've also been called as the District Music Coordinator, which basically means that on August 31st, I am in charge of selecting the hymns we sing. They tell me I am also in charge of finding a special musical number for that Sunday, and given the fact that nobody in our district can play hymns on the piano, this may be quite a feat.
The food here is about what I thought it would be; many of the staff here are employed by BYU, so many of the services are run like a college, and the schedules are run as such. We wake up at 6:30, eat, study, teach, learn, exercise, study, eat, study, learn, teach, eat, learn, study, teach, study, and then it's time for bed. We are definitely kept busy, so it will be interesting to see how fast these 2 weeks go by.
Other than that, it's good to be here. Putting on my first name tag was really cool, and now I wear it proudly. It is interesting to hear the teaching styles and testimonies and some of the other Elders and Sisters. Most of it is nothing like what we talked about in Priest Quorum; neither good nor bad, just different. Trying to work in the Restoration into every lesson we teach (and I did not expect that to be this much of a struggle).
I'll try to keep in touch on a weekly basis!

Elder Reynolds 

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